Photo by Henzy David

I believe in the spirit of the warrior, the spirit of someone who doesn't give up but fights and stands up for what he or she believes in. I’ve always wanted to put my inspiration into song, talking about the world and injustice, social and personal struggles as well as explorations into the deeper sides of my being which have helped me stay standing, while of course exploring some of those weaknesses and darker sides to my journey thus far.

“The Warrior" is about being socially conscious, about seeing what's "not-so-right" with the world today, its hierarchies, history and social constructs and moving on strongly despite or because of it. It's about keeping true to yourself and not compromising on values or beliefs just to fit in and be liked. It's about a protest to subtle injustices. It's about going through love and emerging a stronger and better version of yourself. It's about having dreams beyond yourself where the all the world is free territory to realize your dreams. But at the same time, it's also about the demons, fear and barriers that lie within ourselves that keep us procrastinating on our destiny.

But mostly, it is about respecting warriors; celebrating people who have struggled and emerged while remembering those who have fallen as well. This is my personal homage to the spirit of… The Warrior.

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